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Acupuncture Treatments – Painless & beneficial in helping promote natural healing & well being



Chiropractic care to help with pain. Gentle re-alignment and effective adjustments that work with the body to restore proper movement and function


Pain Relief

There are many types of approaches that can help relieve pain naturally without medication or prescriptions.

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Finding the right Doctor for you is just as important as the treatment you receive. We strive to help you have a wonderful and effective experience with

Care for Your Specific Needs

Private Treatment Rooms

Multiple Services in 1 Visit

Relaxing & Comfortable Atmosphere

Welcome to our clinic

Welcome to our clinic

Founded by Dr. David Zhang, in 2000, CA Clinic offers a comprehensive combination of services specializing in acupuncture and chiropractic care, along with massage, trigger point therapy, kinesiology, NAET, nutritional testing, and more. Our philosophy is to unite the traditional centuries old practices of Alternative and Naturopathic Eastern Medicine and Philosophy with the Modern Technology of Western Medicine to alleviate back, neck, leg pain, allergies, low energy, stress and a variety of other ailments. Give us a call and see how we can help! ...

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What to Expect on Your 1st Visit