Here’s what our patients have to say about CA Clinic…
I have seen about 5 different chiropractors. I have never met one with the amount of knowledge and experience as Greg Steiner. Not to mention, he is a pretty funny guy! He now sees both me and my wife, and we are feeling better than ever! Back pain is almost 100% gone after 2 visits and the acupuncture has relieved stress and anxiety for us. Highly recommend and very affordable services.
Daniel S.


Our family trusts Dr. Steiner & his staff with our health & wellness!! We are always impressed with the personal and quality of treatment with CA Clinic.
Mandy L.


Dr. Steiner makes the difference. On my 1st visit, the expectations were set and it been a great success. My back/neck shoulder pain are almost gone. More important, for the first time in my life I had a feeling I was very sick due the lack of energy which didn’t seem to improve. It’s been 6 month later now , and I’m doing Insanity classes, been the fastest I’ve ever been on my mountain bike and have amazing energy, which I always us to have. THANK YOU Dr. Steiner and team. Dr Steiner knew how get me back on track focusing on stress, my internal health and all over balance of my system. I will keep going there!!
Torsten G.


Dr. Steiner and staff are friendly and easy to work with. I’ve had major back problems for many years and have experienced relief after a handful of initial visits for chiropractic and acupuncture. I’ve never experienced acupuncture before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but I believe it’s been helpful in my case. I look forward to a continued path toward good health with Dr. Steiner!
Rob V.


I am a 43 year old male who currently participates in marathons, triathlons and obstacle races, but have been a skeptic of chiropractors and acupuncture most of my life. After an auto accident in May of 2012, I had several unsuccessful Physical Therapy sessions. After no results from PT, my doctor recommended Dr Steiner. Like a scared boy on his first day of grade school, I went to Dr Steiner. The first trip made me a believer. The chiropractic techniques and acupuncture worked miracles for me. I was pain free after a few short visits. Now, not only am I pain free from the auto accident, I use Dr. Steiner on a frequent basis as part of my marathon and triathlon preparedness. My times have improved since visiting Dr Steiner! I am a life-time customer of Dr Steiner!
Greg J.


Dr. Steiner and staff at CA Clinic are seasoned professionals who interact with each patient as if we each were the most important. Billing is handled in an easy straight forward manner, so no surprises there. This balanced approach to adjustments and acupuncture is just what this patient has been seeking for a long time. With each visit they carefully listen to my current aches, pains, and improvements to tailor a best approach for that particular visit. The flexibility of meeting my health needs at that moment, while keeping the overall balance issues has worked really well for me. My pain level has decreased to a nominal level, instead of the chronic levels it was before seeing Dr. Steiner. I’m always well adjusted, and relaxed by the time my visits end. They continually exceed my expectations with practical suggestions not only to further alleviate my pain, but on nutrition, sleep, exercise, and relaxation. I highly recommend CA Clinic to anyone who is tired of doctors who don’t listen, or feel like they have been fighting an uphill battle alone in getting answers and resolutions to their pain.
Linda E.


If a patient is in pain, needs chiropractic adjustment, has questions about what it will take to relieve the pain and other symptoms. CA Clinic is the place to find relief and answers. I often recommend Dr. Steiner to people I meet who have sports injuries – especially old ones that are still painful even though traditional medicine says they are “fixed.” but the pain continues. Accupuncture has done wonders for me personally. Having it is worth the time, the trouble of getting to the office and the money it costs. I tell people who are skeptical, “Give it a try. If it doesn’t do more than you think it can, come back and tell me it was not good for you”. No one has ever said that, but many are pretty blown away by the results.
Will J.


As a patient dealing with long term chronic pain and several medical issues and not getting much relief from doctors practicing Western medicines, I first visited Dr. Greg Steiner at CA Clinic in Allen, TX over 2 years ago. Dr. Steiner and his staff have worked with me to reduce my pain and have been patient with me in a caring manner. Combining his acupuncture & chiropractic treatments, Dr. Steiner in some cases, has completely alleviated specific pain issues while significantly reducing other pain. When new symptoms occurred, the CA Clinic staff has always worked hard to fit me into their schedule for an immediate session. I truly appreciate Dr. Steiner working with me while consulting with my other doctors on my journey back to an active and productive life.
Best Regards,
Chas A.


I have suffered from low back pain since the birth of my daughter, 7 years ago. I tried changing my workouts, physical therapy, massage, injections, a chiropractor and acupuncture. I was ready to give up working out all together, and that is scary to face at age 39. What would my body feel like at 60? A friend convinced me to give Dr. Greg Steiner a try and told me his office accepts insurance. Sure enough, I was covered for 25 sessions! The difference with Dr. Steiner is that he is a competitive athlete and understood my desire to get my body back to a place where I could work out and feel good about myself. I had to see him 2-3 times a week for about 6 weeks, but the results were incredible. I am now running 5k’s again, participating in group classes in the gym and even enjoy Zumba. Before Dr. Steiner, even an evening walk with my husband was painful. After 7 years, I didn’t think I would ever feel this good again. I can not say enough positive things!
Denise C.


Id like to convey my thanks to Dr. Steiner for treating me for my tennis elbow. The pain is virtually gone! I am continuing with light stretching exercises he had advised and have noticed improvement over the last couple of weeks.
Again thank you Dr Steiner!
Jay R.


Dr. Steiner has a very friendly manner and provides a very relaxing atmosphere. He has a high level of expertise in chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture. My level of pain has gone from a 9 ( high) to a 2 ( low) in a matter of weeks. I am now pain free in my neck, shoulders, and back. He is now working on one of my many other health issues successfully, where I have found no help with other medical intervention. My acupuncture sessions are very relaxing. I would highly recommend Dr. Steiner.
Vicki C.


After four years of pain in my upper/middle back with no relief from some of the best in Dallas, I turned to acupuncture. This was the best decision ever! Dr. Steiner takes time with you and is so very good at explaining every question for you. The needles are not a problem. Relief started almost immediately, and I continue to feel so much better. I look forward to my appointments to visit him and his excellent staff. Always, always on time. What a delight!


CA Clinic has really made a positive improvement in the tennis elbow I’ve been suffering with for so long. The acupuncture treatments are painless but really worked! I’ve used pain meds to no avail. I actually saw a noticeable improvement after several treatments. The pain is starting to go away and I am very happy. Dr. Steiner is so knowledgeable and really took the time to make me feel comfortable about trying acupuncture.
C. Shel


Dr Steiner is great. You feel relaxed and energized after every session. Try him, you’ll get hooked!
Mitch V.


My experience here at the clinic has been good in every way possible – from the friendly greeting on arrival to the personal interest and care shown by everyone who has worked with me. I love and appreciate the upbeat sense of humor shown on my visits – it lifts my spirit and I has been quite depressed before coming. My pain has become “managed” effectively for the first time since my fibromyalgia/arthritis diagnoses in 1996. My energy level is good, which with fibromyalgia is incredible! It is so much better a few weeks later. I highly recommend CA Clinic. Dr. Steiner is excellent. He has accomplished more in wellness for me than all the rest of the medical community combined and in far less treatment time.
Jim F.


I have been going to CA Clinic for a year. Originally I needed help with allergies and then later my degenerative discs flared up again. Dr. Steiner recommended acupuncture and adjustments which have improved my health a great deal. My visits are now twice a month to keep my body moving as it should and allergies very manageable.
Susanne B.


Amazing! Remarkable decrease in the pain & discomfort. I was hoping only for “better” and got far more. Acupuncture should be used more often as an alternative to conventional drugs for pain management.
Marcia N.


This summer, I experienced an increase in the frequency and severity of headaches. I had a consultation with Dr. Steiner,and not only could he treat my headaches, he could also treat other chronic symptoms I have “learned to live with” and accepted as a part of aging. I had immediate relief from headaches, and after only a month of treatments, I am seeing improvement in mobility and energy levels.
Dr. Steiner takes time to really listen to my concerns and answer my questions. He is genuinely interested in getting to the root cause of the problem as well as helping me to achieve overall health and balance.
Julie S.


Wonderful Acupuncture! Helps with maintenance of health, hormone issues, sleep, pain, and stress. So happy you are here in Allen!
Ivette V.


I became convinced of the value of chiropractic in the early 70s when my young daughter sprained her knee and fell at a school dance. The doctor at the emergency room pretty much said “Take two aspirin . . .” and that was it. My wife had attended a series of lectures which included a chiropractor introducing his alternative treatment. We called this poor guy in the middle of the night with our daughter in agony, and he saw us, at one o’clock in the morning and although his treatment was primarily focused on spinal manipulation, he was able to make her more comfortable, and then suggested an unique cast made from egg whites. The relief was immediate and I became a fan, a believer, and a frequent client. Fast forward a bunch of years and moves to two different states, and I find myself in Texas trying to find a chiropractor who will not just slap me onto a roller machine, like the one in Illinois, or twist me in a way that hurt enough to send me to the hospital, and I went through more than just a couple. I also tried acupuncture with mixed results. And then I found CA Clinic and Dr. Greg Steiner. Although I have presented Dr. Steiner with some pretty tall challenges, he always helps, even if it is acknowledging that I may need to seek other treatment, such as getting that worn out knee replaced rather than coming back over and over to treat pain that will never go away. The wonderful staff at CA Clinic are unfailingly personable, cheerful, and expert at making patients comfortable, and combined with Dr. Steiner’s ever competent treatment make the CA Clinic a great experience.
Jim L.